Supplier terms

English: This page applies to our suppliers / any company that wishes to become a supplier to us.
Svenska: Denna sida gäller våra leverantörer / de som önska bli leverantör till oss.


When supplying products to EASY ONLINE STORES AB you agree to and must follow all terms stated below. Any and all deviations shall immediately be reported to us by email to


When supplying products you as a supplier agrees to the following.


All products must be produced and handled according to applicable laws in Sweden and the EU. This also applies to any sub supplier you may work with.


Quality is very important to us. Any and all products supplied must meet or exceed reasonable quality expectations generated by your product descriptions, specifications and images.


Any product specification you provide must be met in reality with each product you deliver. Failure to do so constitutes grounds for cancellation of affected product and/or order.


All branding of products shall follow instructions provided by us. Instructions can be given in text and/or by images/artwork. Any and all deviations from our instructions constitute grounds for cancellation of affected product and/or order.


Any and all products supplied to us must meet or exceed requirements stated in applicable Swedish and EU laws regarding safety of use and/or instructions & documentation.

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

We do not accept any products containing POP chemicals. If you have products in your product range that contain these chemicals they shall be excluded from any and all offers or suggestions to us. If we request and/or order a certain product from your product range that contains a POP chemical you are required to inform us immediately. Preferably you also provide us with a recommendation for an alternative product that is free from POP chemicals.

Substance of very high concern (SVHC)

We do not accept products containing more than 0,1 weight percent of SVHC chemicals. If a requested and/or ordered product contains more than 0,1 weight percent of any chemical in the candidate list of SVHC’s you are required to inform us immediately.


Electronic products

We only purchase electronic products from supplier companies registered in Sweden. If you are a non Swedish supplier and a, by us requested and/or ordered, product contains electronics you are required to notify us immediately.

Environmental aspects

All products must be produced with as little environmental impact as possible. We expect your production to be modern and energy efficient and that the materials you use are chosen with regards to their environmental impact and footprint.

We strongly encourage eco friendly and recycled products and expect you to inform us as soon as greener product options are available in your range.


Invoices must contain our order number and reference in order to be valid. Invoices lacking such information will be refused.

Accepted payment term is 30 days after shipment. Exceptions to the payment terms can be made in the beginning of a supplier/customer relationship.

Invoices shall be sent by email to a specific email address supplied by us.

Invoice currency shall be either SEK, EUR or USD.


We expect any and all transportation of goods to be made with great emphasis on environmental impact. We expect that you choose a transporter with a comprehensive plan for how they best make as little environmental impact as possible. Furthermore we expect that, when possible, orders will be combined and shipped together in order to reduce the number of shipments required.

Order delivery dates specified in order confirmations shall be followed. Any deviation from either specified or estimated delivery dates must be reported to us as soon as possible. Notification shall be made via email to


Suppliers need to have a comprehensive Code of Conduct & CSR policy. Example of policy follows below.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or social responsibility is about the supplier taking responsibility for how it affects society in an environmental, social and economic way. CSR is not only positive for the outside world but can also contribute to increased profitability for the supplier by optimizing its use and reducing the unnecessary consumption of the resources available to the company.


The purpose of the supplier's CSR policy is to make employees within the company aware of how the company views and works with social responsibility. We are a small part of the whole but everyone can and should make their part. 


Everyone within the company has a responsibility to comply with laws, regulations and internal policies. If something in this policy would contravene the law, it is the prevailing law in each country that applies above the principles described in the supplier's CSR policy.

Environmental responsibility

The business must be permeated with a consistent environmental thinking. We strive for continuous improvement work in terms of climate impact and use of resources and expect our suppliers to do so as well.

Climate impact

Workplaces and premises must be environmentally friendly and economical with energy and resources. This applies to both the internal and the external environment.

Travel and transport should, as far as possible, take place with environmentally friendly alternatives to minimize climate impact.

The supplier will have a modern and energy-efficient technology park and all renewal of technical equipment will lead to a constant upgrade to more environmentally friendly technology.

Digital meetings should replace physical ones wherever possible without compromising quality.

Use of resources

As a supplier you do not waste the resources of the earth. Services and products must be adapted to the environment with a low resource production. All joints, raw material and product consumption, transport and waste must be handled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.The waste issue must be handled in line with the so-called waste hierarchy. 

Social responsibility

Everyone has a responsibility for how they treat their fellow human beings. The supplier’s business must be permeated by equality and equal treatment.

Working conditions

Commitment to utilizing the resources that exist within the supplier’s company in the form of knowledge and skills and help its employees to develop to their full potential.

It is obvious that the supplier's own employees shall have good working conditions. But it is also important that any sub suppliers used provide satisfactory working conditions for their employees. We therefore do not work with suppliers that, for example, uses child laborers, do not advocate equality and equal treatment, as well as suppliers that allow discrimination and harassment. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that any and all sub suppliers adhere to these policies as well.

Financial responsibility

All employees are responsible for not wasting the supplier's financial resources. This does not mean saves on the necessary investments but the resources must be used wisely. For example, a more expensive investment can lead to greater cost savings and thus be more profitable in the long run than a cheaper one.

Anti corruption

Suppliers are required to follow our anti corruption guidelines. You are not allowed to offer any of our employees benefits that can be of a substantial personal value, either monetary or sentimental. What is substantial is determined by the Swedish government.

Non substantial benefits can be but are no excluded to:

Meals with a maximum value of 90 sek connected with an official meeting between the two parties, product samples of non substantial monetary value.


The supplier's managers are responsible for ensuring that the employees are informed about what the policy means and giving the staff the opportunity to follow it. The policy must also aim to make employees feel responsible and work for a sustainable business. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with the board.


As a supplier to us you must follow any and all laws and regulations concerning GDPR. If any personal data is to be shared by us you must first sign a personal data processing agreement.